Sales & Lego Series Play


Effective Sales Presentation

Lack of confidence during presentation

Unable to engage with the audience

How to connect intellectually and emotionally with the audience?


High Impact Selling Skills

Effective selling

Understand the art of Selling


Subliminal Persuasion For Better Sales

Build powerful rapport

High impact questioning skills

Incorporate NLP techniques into selling


Subliminal Persuasion for Better Negotiation

Effective negotiation skills

Incorporating NLP into negotiation skills


High Performance Sales Management & Coaching

Improve discipline

Create an action plan

Learn to motivate and self-motivate


Series: Professional Sales Development Training

Full Sales Development Series


Subliminal persuasion for better telephone success

Effective prospecting (Telesales)

Breakthrough in sales target

Demotivated sales team in making cold calls?


Strategic Key Account Management

How to build excellent relationship with your key account?

How to strategically manage and fulfil key account’s expectation and needs

Effective management on key account’s expectations


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - “lean forward meetings”

To make decisions that everyone commits to and honours after the meeting, even though everyone do not agree 100% with everything

To make sure there are no excuses or lack of initiative after the meeting because participants feel they were not heard or involved in the decisions made

To give all participants a common understanding and frame of reference that will impact their work together after the meeting

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