Our Approach

The Winning Methodology

We in Nexxolution aims to support and assist corporate in developing, delivering and monitoring the entire talent development process via our 3 level holistic approach that are custom crafted according to the requirement and needs. The approach will start by focusing on the WHY, followed by the WHAT and finish by the HOW.

Strategic Organizational Alignment

SOA is designed strategically after we understand the vision, mission and core value of the company.

This programme is vital to the Strategic Talent Development Journey because it ensures all participants are align towards the same goal.

This programme also will help participants to understand their gaps and finally to acquire commitments to initiate for changes.

Skills Enrichment Programme

Skills enrichment for employee is one of the most important tools to ensure the company continuous growth and talent retention.

In Nexxolution, we take pride in the training that we provide. Zooming specifically into experiential training, and other non-conventional training methods to ensure most effective and impactful learning.

Team Celebration

Human learns and bond best when they are having fun. Through our unique experiential learning team bonding session, all of us will come together to celebrate success of growth in the company while learn and bond.

Through our expert team, we have conducted numerous team celebration which includes Corporate Event, Annual Dinner, Team Building, Team Bonding, Corporate Wellness Programme, Appreciation Night and many more.

360° Training Analysis Report

Training analysis is vital for proper documentation and communicating the results to higher management.

Our 360° Training Analysis Report will include:

Training Needs Analysis
Multi-tier Pre & Post Training Analysis of Participants
Trainer’s Report

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